Fellow Conqueror- Andrew Mills

Andrew Mills is my second oldest friend. We met freshman year of college because he wanted to cheat off me in Spanish class and have been pals ever since. Andrew is the mastermind/creative genius behind both the Little Conqueror logo and the website Hour of the Pearl. Below is our discussion about his work and his music, and the results of my forcing him into a game of “Marry, Boff, Kill.” 

What is this Hour of the Pearl business all about? 

Funny you should ask! Hour of the Pearl is a phrase taken from John Steinbeck, my favorite author. He hated fame and stayed out of the public eye as much as possible – just like me! But the phrase describes the time late at night when everyone has gone home from the bars, but it’s still early enough in the morning that no one has woken up for work yet. The world, during this time, is completely silent, completely at peace. So, long story short, the phrase has nothing to do with my website content – I just like it.

What is the goal of Hour of the Pearl?

The goal of Hour of the Pearl is to communicate to my friends whatever it is I am working on, so the content evolves over time. It started out as a mish-mash of video projects and songs I had recorded, then to essays and comics, and I’m sure it’ll be something else a year from now. It is that and it’s also kind of a graveyard for old art and old songs.

Can you link to your favorite post so far?

If you were a character in a comic strip, who would you be and what would be your trademark?

I’d be the delusional character with very serious problems. My trademark would be saying “You’ll all be sorry when I’m famous!” and then I’d lock myself in a room, masturbate, and go to sleep.

I heard a rumor that you play music too? 

Where did you hear that?! That’s so crazy that you heard that because it’s ABSOLUTELY TRUE! Right now I play keyboards (I know – lame!) in a band called Noise! Lights!. I play guitar better, though, and occasionally I use these skills to score commercials and video projects. I love music.

What would be the theme song for Hour of the Pearl?

It changes, I think, with the seasons and my moods and my jobs, but I’d say “Ocean Man” by Ween could be one of the perennial all-star theme songs of Hour of the Pearl. But recently it’s been anything by Bill Callahan.

“Marry, Boff, Kill – Comic Strip Edition”: Cathy, Garfield, Sally from Charlie Brown

1. Marry – Cathy
2. Boff – Garfield
3. Kill – Sally

Explain your choices.
1. I’d marry Cathy solely because she has a vagina, honestly. Sally also has one, but she is a child. Ack!
2. I’ve never heard the term “boff”, but I assume it means “fornicate”, and since Cathy is taken, I’d bang Garfield because nobody would believe a cat. “That guy raped me!” says Garfield. “Sure… just like the lasagna grew legs and walked away on its own,” John replies.
3. I’d kill Sally because Charlie Brown could use a break.

Is there anything else we should know?

Relax. Everything is going to be fine.

Check out more from Andrew at his website Hour of the Pearl.

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