My name is Brianna, and I want to do social media for the Foo Fighters.

“Go to the fucking yard sale, buy a fucking guitar, start a band with your fucking friends, get in the garage and fucking suck and work on it until you fucking make great music, and become the biggest band in the world.”

-Dave Grohl

If the Foo Fighters have taught me anything, it’s that if you want something, you have to get off your butt and do something about it. So this is me doing just that.

I got out my computer, wrote a cover song, asked some friends to help me record it, and shot and edited this video.

As one of the biggest rock bands in the world, it’s very possible Foo Fighters already has a social media team in place, but the opportunity to be a part of it would be the best thing ever. I could contribute a whole lot of experience, and am fully aware of the amazing chance to learn from the pros.

For anyone reading this, all of your time, consideration, shares, likes, and retweets are very much appreciated. I know that #HireBrianna can only be successful if a bunch of people join in on the fun, so thanks for helping me make this a thing!

You guys rock.



If you decide to tweet out the video, you could just copy and paste the below tweet:

Hey, @foofighters… It’s time to hire @lil_conqueror! #HireBrianna http://bit.ly/1OMJw7x

ORRRR feel free to write your own, including:



-the video link (http://bit.ly/1OMJw7x)


I’m all about the great blog action taking place over at I Spy DIY, and was recently inspired by this post chronicling her DIY apartment decor. As a lady who just moved into my own place, I’m also trying to make my house a home, and was totes stoked about her idea to make magnets out of Instagram photos over at StickyGram. You get 9 personalized magnets for 15 bucks! Naturally, I made mine out of all my food pics, and the fruits of said labors are below.

Thanks I Spy DIY!!

photo (5)

The best movies that almost came out in 2012

You may remember how not too long ago I used my crazy amount of blog-related industry access to share the best albums of 2012 that never made it past the cutting room floor. And if you don’t remember, I’m hurt cause I thought we had something really strong between us. Since that post, my baller ante has totes gone up. I saw Zoe Saldana on the street, got to read the whole Justin Carney/Bieber battle on Twitter, and was invited by HBO to watch the Beyonce doc in the privacy of my own home. All I had to do was pay my $120 Time Warner bill first.

That said, the Oscars are coming up, which means it’s time again for me to share the Little Conqueror wealth. Here now for you are the films that with a little more industry support could have been up for best picture, if they had only made like Frank Ocean and came out.



"Can you tell me how to get to a new apartment?"

“Can you tell me how to get to a new apartment?”


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A heroic journey to the distant planet Brooklyn

A heroic journey to the distant planet Brooklyn