Green Day Odds and Ends

A couple days ago, I wrote about Green Days forthcoming albums. Just yesterday they posted a teaser trailer and official artwork for Uno! Dos! Tre!. September 25th! Check it out!


And then as I dug deeper into the internets, something really crazy happened that doesn’t happen often. I found a Green Day video I’ve never seen before. If you remember, one of the pivotal moments in the band’s career was their appearance at the revamped Woodstock festival in 1994. The concert was a MESS and Green Day’s set got REALLY dirty when the audience starting pelting them with clumps of mud. In true GD fashion though, they fought back. Billie Joe ditched his guitar and starting returning the mud back to the crowd. With a few choice words of course. I always knew this was a thing that happened, but it was cool to watch how it all played out. See if you agree.

EDITORIAL NOTE: I’m pretty stoked to be able to post two videos on the same band that were taken 18 years apart. It makes me feel lovely and only a little bit old.