Tuesday Green Day Fun Day

To save you the trouble of reading my mind, below are my Green Day videos of the moment. The boys just released a tour video of their adventures in Japan, but if you brush off some cobwebs, you might remember Green Day as the Foxboro Hot Tubs. Both clips are below. It’s weird seeing Billie Joe perform without a guitar. Holler!!

Jack White at Roseland

Oh hey guess what… I went to ANOTHER concert. This past week has kind of been like the high holidays for music. That’s a joke for my Jewish readers. I saw Jack White at Roseland and he did this really great thing where before the show, his manager came onstage and asked people to refrain from taking photos and videos. He suggested watching the show with your eyes– which has always been my preferred method. He continued by saying that fully-downloadable, free photos would be posted on Jack’s website, so I trusted the man and didn’t touch my iPhone for the rest of the show. Here are three of my favorite shots that they posted:

As one expects with a Jack White show, there was a very strong aesthetic. Everyone from Jack to his band and even the roadies were dressed in matching blue and black suits, ties, and hats that coordinated with the simple backdrop on the stage. All the instruments followed the blue theme as well and it set a really interesting tone. Especially when he played some of his harder rock songs like “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” and “I Cut Like a Buffalo.” With the dim lights and the haze, it was like people were moshing in a dream.

I know I called out Butch Vig yesterday as being a highlight of the Garbage concert, but I’m about to call out Jack’s drummer Daru Jones as being my go to focal point at the show when I didn’t know where else to look. His drum kit was set right on the edge of the stage and he tore through the ethereal backdrop and just murdered every single song. He sits real high and keeps his drums real low, so there’s a unique posturing and movement that comes along with all his beats. Jack went over to him quite frequently, and it was mind-blowing to see them lock in together and ride out the resulting guitar/drum magic.

I know this makes me a HUGE nerd, but when Jack pulled out his famous Kay guitar for the encore, I was totally stoked. I could try and count for you the times I’ve watched “It Might Get Loud” but it might get embarrassing. To hear that sound in person was a real treat and added an extra awesomeness to an already great finale. It was definitely the cherry on the best sundae of a performance and I can’t wait to go see him and his Kay again.