Conquering the News – Election Edition

I’m making Super Tuesday extra super with a brand new video!

You’ll never guess who I want in the White House in 2016… Please enjoy this special election edition of “Conquering the News”.

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New Look

There’s nothing I love more than a good ole fashioned makeover… Except for dumplings, Foo and Green Day, pictures of baby pandas, Queen Latifah… Okay there’s a few things.

ANYWAY… Check out my new pic courtesy of the photographer extraordinaire Melissa Gomez. She rocks my socks  and can help you with all your photo needs. Check her magic out below. Doesn’t that look like a face you wanna put on your television or website or have next to something you paid me to write? Just sayin’…

9243 what a babe

BTW I showed up to the shoot looking like this:

Melissa Gomez Photography

Melissa Gomez Photography on Facebook

Queen Latifah