My Night as a Regina Spekt(at)or

NPR might be the place you’re used to going for news, Fresh Air, and the Tap Brothers, but as of late they’re becoming a one stop shop for good music. Last night they hosted a private Regina Spektor show at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC and I was lucky enough to attend.

This is an exciting time to see Spektor as she has a new album, “What We Saw from the Cheap Seats,” and performed a good mix of old and new songs. She delivered some fan favorites, but the tracks from “…Cheap Seats” really shined. Spektor’s voice is clear and direct in both sound and emotion. And you gotta love a girl who isn’t afraid to channel Michael Winslow-esque sound effects into her songs. She gulped for air, beat-boxed and shrieked, somehow making it seem normal and even beautiful.

The show was a family affair. Spektor’s parents could be seen proudly rocking out while they’re daughter played and Regina brought up Jack Dishel of “Only Son” to play a song. It was the only part of the show where there was a guitar present, but somehow I didn’t miss it. Regina is like Slash on a piano and totally makes up for the lack of strings.

It was a great show and the even greater thing about it is you can check out the stream of the show for yourself over at NPR. Also, some of my trademark crappy iPhone photos are below for your visual enjoyment.


Regina and Jack