Meet Me In…

Vacation #2 of the summer found me in Montauk, surrounded by amazing beaches, super fresh seafood, and the constant temptation to quote  “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. Here’s the low down on where to stay and what to eat in Montauk, along with some snapshots from my trip.

LODGING: Windward Shores

EATS: Goldberg’s Bagel, Lunch aka The Lobster Roll, Clam Bar, Surfside Inn, Gosman’s, John’s Drive-In

WARDROBE: All bathing suits, all the time… Except for lobster bibs with maxi dresses at dinner

Guac Club

I don’t want to brag, but I belong to one of the most exclusive clubs in New York City. A club that celebrates one of the greatest inventions of all time… Guac.

Guac club meets at no particular time for no particular reason, and in the past we’ve gone on the Nachos NY Guac Crawl, attended the 2013 Guactacular at The Bell House, caused a scene at Salsa y Salsa in Chelsea (which you can read about here), and recently had our fourth gathering at Horchata in the West Village.

Guac Club

Horchata is relatively new, inhabiting the old BLT Burger space, and with cocktails like the “Drunk In Love” and Hibiscus Margaritas, Abby, Andy, and I couldn’t wait to check it out. Sadly Dan was busy being a crazy awesome comedian, so he’ll just have to live vicariously through this post.

guac food

The first rule of guac club is to not to talk about how much you ate at guac club, but I’m gonna do it anyway. We of course started with the classic guac, although Horchata’s menu offers FOUR different kinds. One even uses apples and tomatillos. And for you meat eaters, the queso and house made chorizo option sounds like it’d be worth a shot… or a gallon.

The guac was super fresh, and therefore super good. And lemme tell ya about dem chips! By the taste of it, not five minutes earlier, someone had cut up fresh tortillas and dropped them in the fryer. Nothing from a bag here! I love Tostitos Hint of Lime as much as the next smart human, but there’s something about food made from scratch that always tastes better.

We went our own ways for the entrees. Abby and Andy stuck with tacos, which looked so so good, and I went with the avocado toast, which I feel like is the dish of the moment. I expected something a little more simple, however Horchata’s combo of radishes, cotija, and chipotle honey was interesting to say the least. Smoky, sweet, and salty, it made for some good eye candy to start, and totally delivered.

As a result of Horchata’s badass playlist, Guac club of course ended with some impromptu karaoke. Remember the 1997 hit “Love You Down” by INOJ? Turns out we still know every word. My sincerest apologies to our fellow diners, but my sincerest props to the staff at Horchata. They gave us a fun evening full of good food AND good music, sealing the deal that Guac Club will definitely meet there again.

*Points if you spotted Lil Jon in that video!

I Climbed a Freaking Mountain!

Memorial Day was a day of firsts that left me a sweaty, sunburnt, bug bitten mess, but me and my newly skinned knee have never felt so strong.

Started From The Bottom

Started From The Bottom


Evan and I intended to take the 7:43 Metro North train to Manitou, but of course ended up missing our stop. Being tried and true New Yorkers, we got off at the next one, with the intent of walking back, however it wasn’t that easy. It was a four mile trek that started with a hike in the woods, and ended with us being picked up on the side of the road by a nice man named Auggie.

Auggie was headed to the same exact place as us, or so we thought, and he flaunted his local status as “Maybe I’m Amazed” blared through his truck’s speakers. After we covered all the hot topics for dads… directions, distance to the city, the train we took to get there… Auggie dropped us off at the base of Bear Mountain.


As you can probably guess from my leopard print hat, this was my first time going hiking. And boy did I go big before I went home. The trail Evan and I intended to take was a literal walk in the park, but the one Auggie brought us to was an intense, uphill trek.

I visualized my impending Beyonce-esque thigh gap one lunge at a time as we climbed up over a mile’s worth of rocks, pushing my heart rate to a record high. There were certain points when not just me, but my body wanted to quit, however there was no Starbucks or air conditioned snack tent to retire to. The only option was to keep on climbing, and think about how “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” was probably written by someone who’d never actually scaled a mountain.

But then we got to the top.

The feeling of accomplishment was beyond comprehension, and made even better by the fact that we could see the now tiny speck of street where our climb had started. It was a view made for instagram, and after about a thousand mosquito bites, and two thousand selfies, it was time to make our way back down.


Disney’s “Tower of Terror” has got nothing on the hour of terror Evan and I spent climbing down the mountain, where no less than three people stopped us to suggest we turn back. But, as I clung to the rocks for dear life, looking for my next footing, there was nowhere else to go.

Evan and I took our time, mostly relying on Madonna-like arm strength, and precarious looking branches for support, but scooted down the rocks on our butts when necessary. This was not a time to worry about looking silly. This was a time to worry about what color cast I’d pick if something went wrong.  Thankfully, nothing did, but if you’re wondering, I’d go with purple.


This one’s kind of self-explanatory, but I want to thank the guy I stood next to on the D train for managing to smell worse than my day’s collection of blood, sweat, and overcome fears.

BRIDGEFIE noun: selfie with a bridge

noun: selfie with a bridge

Birthday Instas

“Another Year, Another Freaking Incredible Birthday” is something I’m lucky enough to be able to say. Thanks to everyone who got the last year of my twenties off to a good start. Here are some highlights… Insta-style!

Yogurtland Party courtesy of my Fuse Family! Pic stitch courtesy of the great Mary Chaplin!

photo 1 (2)


Two of my Favorite Ladies at my Favorite Bar

photo 2 (2)



Friends, Presents, and a Flammable Birthday Card

photo 4

Not Birthday Dinner at Jacob’s Pickles

photo 3

It’s not a selfie if Hodapp takes it…

photo 5


Pre-Summer Discoveries

A few things to make the best time of year even better…

The Meadow – 532 Hudson Street

The Meadow came into my life on a recent post-Sixteen Handles walk. Thankfully my frequent froyo partner in crime Emmy knew it was the kind of place I would be pretty into. The Meadow sells three things: salt, chocolate, and bitters. Shoppers can taste test different varieties of all three, while navigating the tiny shop, and every inch of the store is filled to the brim with gourmet goodness. Emmy suggested we try the truffle salt and black salt, and both were great. Fun fact: salt has flavors… I didn’t know that before. Prices at The Meadow are pretty reasonable, especially when it comes to the wall of chocolate bars. I got this treat for $4. And before you judge,  think salty/crunchy/sweet to inform your opinion.


Ed Sheeran

Before you judge Ed Sheeran for being 22 and the opening act on Taylor Swift’s tour, listen to his album “Plus.” Good music doesn’t always have to be loud and in your face, and Plus is a subtle, almost hypnotic record that gracefully weaves together rock, folk, R&B, and hip hop influences. Since Ed is lumped into the “teen pop” world, it’s easy to overlook him, but after his performance at the recent Billboard Music Awards, that’s no longer the case. Following over-produced, vocal track-heavy acts like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Will-I-Am, Ed took the stage with a guitar, an amp, and his voice, and blew them all out of the water. I was lucky enough to see him perform at a small Fuse-hosted event, and his raw talent is something that doesn’t come along often. Also, “Kiss Me” might be the most romantic song ever written, and I’d argue that with any music aficionado out there.

ed sheeran

Saturday Window ShopVarious

Combine the fashions of Kate Spade with those crazy touch screens in Minority Report, and you have the genius that is the Saturday Window Shop. Use the touch screen to literally window shop through Kate Spade’s more affordable Saturday offerings, and whatever you choose to purchase will be delivered to you an hour later. Just like that. The only thing left to be desired is a brick and mortar Saturday shop. Though, my bank account would probably disagree with me on that.


Faux-Cro-Nut – Gregory’s Coffee – 874 6th Avenue 

Last summer you couldn’t read a food blog without reading the words “Mission Chinese Food,” but these days it’s talk of the Cronut that’s crowding the blogosphere. The donut/croissant hybrid created by Dominique Ansel Bakery is the most desired sweet treat out there, resulting in Disney World-type lines, and Craigslist schemes inflating the pastry’s price upwards of $40. If all that sounds like crazy talk, then do what I did, and buy the Cro-Dough from Gregory’s Coffee. Same results, without the extraordinary measures. Maybe once the hoopla dies down, I’ll head over to Dominique Ansel’s, but in the meantime, the flaky and sweet faux-cro is just fine.


How to look hot in the cold

I don’t know what you’ve heard, but it is EFFING hot in New York City!! I’ve been living life Blue Crush style and cranking up the AC like nobody’s business…

Just kidding. It is very cold here. Also, I don’t own an air conditioner. Deal with it.

On the note of dealing with it, here my favorite warm clothing items that when venturing outdoors keep me looking less like the Michelin man and more like me.



My Mcelroy Parka by Spiewak is the first jacket that’s ever gotten the job done for me. It has snaps and buttons in all the right places and is made of magic material that gives you warmth without the pesky bulk that usually comes along with it. Also, it’s cute. What more could you ask for?


Ever since Dee from Morning Cup of Style sent me this leopard scarf, it hasn’t left my neck. The key with a scarf is it being long enough to wrap around your neck a couple times, and being wide enough to cover some ground in the process. Also, it should probably be in a print, pattern, and color that goes with everything else you wear. That way it can be more than just something you wear outside. The one below is similar to mine and can be bought on Etsy.


Half turban/half beanie, my Free People hat keeps my noggin nice and toasty. Now that I have like no hair, my head gets extra cold, but I’d never know while wearing it.


Gifted to me by my Aunt Rose, these black leather gloves from Bloomies keep me comfortable enough in the cold to debate whether or not I should feel guilty for wearing leather. They’re also lined with cashmere, which I am decidedly very okay with.


Sweatshirts are great cause when mixed with good fitting jeans and high heels, they suddenly become super chic. Also, you can layer a tee underneath to stay extra warm. I will be keeping my eye on this skull sweatshirt from ZARA as I wear one just like it that I got for 20 bucks at H&M.

What to do this weekend in NYC

If you’re anything like me, weekend planning starts way before rolling out of bed on Saturday. Here’s some ideas for how to fill those two days you’ve been working for all week. From the most “indoor of indoor kids” to those “like to leave the house” types– there’s something for everyone.

* Read this interview of Jack White by Duff McKagan. Yes THAT Duff McKagan.

* Eat your face off in a sea of hungry hipsters at Smorgasburg.

* Since you can’t do this during your actual lunch hour. Use your free time to check out the Lunch Hour NYC exhibit at the New York Public Library in Bryant Park.

* Then walk north to Lincoln Center to ogle some of the best photographs of some of the best rockers of all time.

* Maybe get your twang on at the Lyle Lovett concert? Why not?

Watch Green Day perform THREE of their new songs at this week’s secret show in Los Angeles.

* Take in brunch at Milk Bar. The too good to be true meal deal includes a Veggie or Pork Bun (with or without a poached egg), Cookie or Kimchi Slaw, and your choice of fancy beverage (including espresso drinks) all for TEN DOLLARS!!!

* To bring it all to a close, check out the Olympic Closing Ceremony. Muse, Paul McCartney, Estelle… Also THE FREAKING SPICE GIRLS. Does it get any better?

Have fun!