VMA Week “Get Your Weave On!”

It’s a little known secret that the “M” in VMA doesn’t stand for music. It stands for “Maybe a good time to try out that weave you’ve been hanging on to…” Here are some of my favorite follicle moments from VMA past.

Faux hair = Faux pas? You decide.


Ri Ri should have stopped when seeing that red wig, but I say go ahead girl!

Nicki’s hair made me google the closest Mexican bakery.

Who wore it better?

In 2009 Lady Gaga donned David Crosby’s moustache.

Axl looks far too smug for a guy in cornrows.

Maybe that night he should have just copied his guitarist…

And bringing it home, we have the women of Lady Marmalade.

Stay tuned for more VMA week fun here at Little Conqueror and make sure to check out the big show TOMORROW night on MTV!