VMA Week wrap up

One of the LC mission statements is to only focus on the positive. There is enough smack talking on the internet and I don’t want to add to that. I’ll make a joke here and there (see below) but it’s all in good fun. That said, I’m faced with an interesting challenge when trying to review the 2012 Video Music Awards. The headlines say it all…

A Hopeless Place: The 2012 MTV VMAs’ Few Highs & Many Lows

MTV to Music: We Are Never Ever Ever Ever Getting Back Together

MTV Awards: Slick if Not Shiny

I’ll leave the panning to the pros and highlight the shows highlights. Clearly a lot of work went into producing the 120 minutes of music mayhem. There were some really cool pre-tapes and live-action elements that were expertly executed without a hitch. It was cool watching Alicia Keys belt out her new single, Taylor Swift’s ode to boyfriends past was irresistible, and I rocked hard to the beginning of Green Day’s set before they got mobbed… But aside from an appreciation of what went into making the show possible and those specific performances, that’s really it. If I had to do it all over again, I’d only tune in to the last half-hour and then pretend that the rest of the show was equally as good.

So while I was excited to write an intense, way too excited gush of last week’s show, I’m going to plead the fifth and focus on the the places my mind wandered while I watched instead. I urge you to do the same.

Rihanna cemented that red is the new black

Louis from One Direction changed it up by looking more like Don Draper than the dude from Spring Awakening

Chris Brown made me google the closest state fair

We totes Good Morning-ed America

Holy balls, you guys, this morning I saw No Doubt!! Definitely more to come on this, but for now check out these two amazing pics. One was tweeted by Good Morning America anchor Lara Spencer (@LaraSpencer) and the other was tweeted by some chick named Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani)…

My bright eyed, bushy tailed, got up at 4am self is in both of them. Shout out to Emily  (@EmilyTarver) for being the perfect person to share this with! What a sweet time! If you live in NYC, def hit up these GMA concerts. They’re free, easy to go to, and super fun.

Emily and I dancing it up to “Underneath it All”

Emily, Me, and Gwen Stefani’s Thumb