Guac Club

I don’t want to brag, but I belong to one of the most exclusive clubs in New York City. A club that celebrates one of the greatest inventions of all time… Guac.

Guac club meets at no particular time for no particular reason, and in the past we’ve gone on the Nachos NY Guac Crawl, attended the 2013 Guactacular at The Bell House, caused a scene at Salsa y Salsa in Chelsea (which you can read about here), and recently had our fourth gathering at Horchata in the West Village.

Guac Club

Horchata is relatively new, inhabiting the old BLT Burger space, and with cocktails like the “Drunk In Love” and Hibiscus Margaritas, Abby, Andy, and I couldn’t wait to check it out. Sadly Dan was busy being a crazy awesome comedian, so he’ll just have to live vicariously through this post.

guac food

The first rule of guac club is to not to talk about how much you ate at guac club, but I’m gonna do it anyway. We of course started with the classic guac, although Horchata’s menu offers FOUR different kinds. One even uses apples and tomatillos. And for you meat eaters, the queso and house made chorizo option sounds like it’d be worth a shot… or a gallon.

The guac was super fresh, and therefore super good. And lemme tell ya about dem chips! By the taste of it, not five minutes earlier, someone had cut up fresh tortillas and dropped them in the fryer. Nothing from a bag here! I love Tostitos Hint of Lime as much as the next smart human, but there’s something about food made from scratch that always tastes better.

We went our own ways for the entrees. Abby and Andy stuck with tacos, which looked so so good, and I went with the avocado toast, which I feel like is the dish of the moment. I expected something a little more simple, however Horchata’s combo of radishes, cotija, and chipotle honey was interesting to say the least. Smoky, sweet, and salty, it made for some good eye candy to start, and totally delivered.

As a result of Horchata’s badass playlist, Guac club of course ended with some impromptu karaoke. Remember the 1997 hit “Love You Down” by INOJ? Turns out we still know every word. My sincerest apologies to our fellow diners, but my sincerest props to the staff at Horchata. They gave us a fun evening full of good food AND good music, sealing the deal that Guac Club will definitely meet there again.

*Points if you spotted Lil Jon in that video!

Guacamole Thanksgiving

The weather doesn’t know what it’s doing, everyone’s wearing one layer too many, the crabby security guard has been in a better mood — it’s that time of year! Time for my favorite holiday, Guacamole Thanksgiving.

The 2nd annual meeting of this international tradition took place on Sunday night at Salsa y Salsa in Chelsea. The main objective amongst this holiday’s four person following is to get together and eat guacamole, but it’s also about spending time and catching up.

Last year at our inaugural event we hauled our booty’s to Brooklyn way too early on a Sunday morning for a guac crawl sponsored by the Nachos NY group. (They’re a real thing! Seriously!) The crawl took us to four different spots where we did important things like start a Guacamole Thanksgiving hashtag, try micheladas for the first time, and of course stuff ourselves silly with what Nachos NY picked to be the best guac and chips (and margs). By the end, the avocados weren’t the only thing that were smashed, if you know what I mean. (Wink!) Also, we made the cover of the organization’s newsletter, but because I was the only one who liked how I look in the pic, I’ve been forbidden from posting it.

This year was more tame and less organized. Even though it wasn’t a Nachos NY sanctioned event, a lot was accomplished. Check out the pics below. We managed to eat and drink way less and get zero shots of the very food we were celebrating. Enjoy!

A post-able group shot

All in all, the night was purrrrfect.

Paparazzi showed up

And then this happened.