How to make the most of your MTV pantry

One of the perks of working at MTV is every floor comes with a radical kitchen. There is always a never-ending supply of coffee, tea, ice, and hot chocolate, and get this… A mother-effing soda fountain!! Also, magical elves keep the fridge stocked with every kind of milk you could ever need. Beats the tap water only situation I have at my house…

Anyway, as a food-minded lady, I’ve come up with some pretty banging beverage combos that have made my co-workers jealous time and time again. Not to brag, but I made an egg cream once… No big deal.

Here are the recipes, that with a little tweaking could probably be made in any office. Most work either iced or hot.* Except the aforementioned egg cream. That’d be gross. Feel free to comment with your own kitchen concoctions!

*For the record ALL of these are better over ice…


Arnold Palmer

1p lemon tea / 1p green tea / half packet splenda (optional)

*give it some kick with a splash of seltzer water

The Best Hot or Cold Chocolate

1p hot chocolate / quarter cup milk / 1p milky way swirl (might be an MTV only item)

*make it a mocha by adding 1p coffee

MTV’s Passion Tea LatteĀ 

1p raspberry tea / quarter cup milk

*tastes just like Starbucks!

Bizarro Lemonade

1p lemon tea / splash of seltzer / half packet splenda (optional)

*this is obvi iced, and bizarro cause it tastes less like the South and more like a cough drop

Brianna’s FAMOUS Egg Cream

1p hot chocolate / quarter cup milk / Seaworld sized splash of seltzer