Music world, what gives??

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, Jack White released a video for Freedom at 21, and based on the lack of any sort of reaction, you’d think it never happened. I can’t be the only one who was completely blown to shreds by it… right?? Come on, music world… What gives??

First of all, this song is a rock and roll club banger. It’s got energy and attitude and makes you wanna kick someone in the face and sassy dance with them all at the same time. It feels like after hours at a hip-hop-country-western bar that would most likely fail its health inspection. Ladies, don’t sit on the toilet seat… I’m just saying.

This is all a product of the crazy, strong twangy beat that Jack white raps/sings over in a  tone of voice that’s begging you to try to step to him. Every line of this song could end with a mic drop and Jack throwing the deuces as he slings his guitar on his back and cowboy walks offstage.

In other great news, said beat is delivered by REAL INSTRUMENTS!!! With only a touch of computers… The cool thing about this, for a huge nerd like myself, is thinking about when White Stripes came out and were cutting edge for making music the old fashioned way with minimal technologies involved. On Freedom at 21, Jack seems to only be dipping into the modern age where he needs to, and the product is mind-scrambling-good.  I would argue that this song could get people moving and shaking as much as any Pitbull or Rihanna or LMFAO joint, and it was made by a group of musicians playing things. Am I cool enough to call a song a “joint?” Probably not.

Now onto the video. Things get kind of scandalous!! In another genres collide type move, Jack turned to Hype Williams to direct. There’s fast cars, a hot lady cop, even hotter lady prisoners, and Jack White trumping all of their hotness in a Johnny Depp costume. That said, the most x-rated thing about this video is Jack’s telecaster. It could beat any of the ladies in a wet t-shirt contest, which I wouldn’t recommend cause everyone would get electrocuted in the process. But it really stands out. It’s all about the guitar.

Music videos are one of my favorite modes of artistic expression, and I’m a big fan of experimenting with the genre. I loved the Lego Seven Nation Army clip and when the Black Keys dressed up like deranged stuffed animals for Gold on the Ceiling. That said, I can also appreciate a straightforward narrative that is shot well and fun to look at, which is what Hype Williams delivered. A little pop never hurt anybody.

So for your reconsideration, watch Freedom at 21. Like now please. It’d be fun to have someone to talk with about it. I guarantee you’ll be as jazzed as I am.

Holy Music Monday!!!

Yesterday was a big day in the land of tunes. We got a new Green Day single,  a single/video double whammy from No Doubt, and some new video eye candy from Jack White. Check it all out below as I try and peel myself off the ceiling.

No Doubt – Settle Down


Green Day – Oh Love


Jack White – Freedom at 21*

*This was freaking directed by Hype Williams!!

Jack White at Roseland

Oh hey guess what… I went to ANOTHER concert. This past week has kind of been like the high holidays for music. That’s a joke for my Jewish readers. I saw Jack White at Roseland and he did this really great thing where before the show, his manager came onstage and asked people to refrain from taking photos and videos. He suggested watching the show with your eyes– which has always been my preferred method. He continued by saying that fully-downloadable, free photos would be posted on Jack’s website, so I trusted the man and didn’t touch my iPhone for the rest of the show. Here are three of my favorite shots that they posted:

As one expects with a Jack White show, there was a very strong aesthetic. Everyone from Jack to his band and even the roadies were dressed in matching blue and black suits, ties, and hats that coordinated with the simple backdrop on the stage. All the instruments followed the blue theme as well and it set a really interesting tone. Especially when he played some of his harder rock songs like “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” and “I Cut Like a Buffalo.” With the dim lights and the haze, it was like people were moshing in a dream.

I know I called out Butch Vig yesterday as being a highlight of the Garbage concert, but I’m about to call out Jack’s drummer Daru Jones as being my go to focal point at the show when I didn’t know where else to look. His drum kit was set right on the edge of the stage and he tore through the ethereal backdrop and just murdered every single song. He sits real high and keeps his drums real low, so there’s a unique posturing and movement that comes along with all his beats. Jack went over to him quite frequently, and it was mind-blowing to see them lock in together and ride out the resulting guitar/drum magic.

I know this makes me a HUGE nerd, but when Jack pulled out his famous Kay guitar for the encore, I was totally stoked. I could try and count for you the times I’ve watched “It Might Get Loud” but it might get embarrassing. To hear that sound in person was a real treat and added an extra awesomeness to an already great finale. It was definitely the cherry on the best sundae of a performance and I can’t wait to go see him and his Kay again.

Jack White on Colbert





Oh my gosh guys, it’s here. I have it. Blunderbuss has entered the building.

Now, if you’re a dedicated reader (as I know about 3 and 1/2 of you are) you’ll find the disc art interesting.

Especially if you read this post from a couple weeks ago that contains the photo I’ve been using as my iPhone wallpaper since.

This means Jack White and I are soul mates… Right?

My Dream Concert

I want to throw this idea for a concert out into the universe so that it is more likely to happen. This epic show would include a new artist, a band that is getting bigger and bigger every day, and a veteran rock star. I dare you to disagree with me here…

Gary Clark Jr. “Bright Lights” – One of the baddest, most brilliant mother-effing guitar players out there right now. I shall coin his sound “Rock and Soul,” as it perfectly blends so many different elements.

The Black Keys “Gold on the Ceiling” – This is another proclamation of love for The Black Keys. (See what I did there?)

Jack White “Sixteen Salteens” – Jack White is just so weird in the greatest way. I eagerly await the April 24th release of Blunderbuss. This single captures the gritty, aggressive vibe that was so great on early White Stripes albums, but reflects his growth as an artist and time spent with other bands.