Stuff I’ve Made

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The moral of this post is that dreams come true. Growing up all I ever wanted was to work for MTV. Twenty-eight years later, that is exactly what I’m doing. Check out my first efforts as a producer in the clip below. I got to cover country singer Hunter Hayes and rappers Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Fun fact: I go to the thrift stores featured in Mack and Ryan’s video every time I visit my parents in Seattle. Enjoy!

10 on Top- Episode 406

What I’m up to these days

Hey guys… This is what I do to get paid. Work was nice enough to let me try my hand at producing something… Hooray!

Seventeen Magazine throws a pool party for Kylie and Kendall Jenner

If you’re into this sort of thing, check out more from MTV’s 10 on Top every Saturday @ 11:30am.