Miss Ya Already, Dave!

My first Foo Fighters concert was at the Ed Sullivan Theatre.

It was on a rainy hiatus day when we were filming Jersey Floor for Fallon, and I spent that day chasing the Jersey-fied Roots, Tina, Amy, Jimmy, Miles, and more around 30 Rock, all while feverishly texting with people at Letterman to try and get into the show.

We wrapped Jersey floor around 6, and I had accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to see Foo play. So I went to the bar with my co-workers, and put away my phone.

An hour later I had 14 missed calls and 7 voicemails telling me to get my butt to Letterman by 7:15 because I had magically gotten a ticket. It was 7:07.

I ran across town just in time to see Foo recreate the Beatles’ famous Ed Sullivan set. It was the fucking best. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better first show.

Letterman obvi had a huge influence on us all with comedy, but he was also super kick ass with music.

I’m going to miss that.

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