New York’s Hottest Club is Central Park

This summer, I saw the 1978 classic “Animal House” on the big screen, got soaking wet with a crowd of hipsters at a Beach House concert, stuck out a storm while seeing The Givers, and cheered on No Doubt for a morning TV show, and I did all this in the same place. A place that I am now deeming Stefan-style as New York’s hottest club. I did it in Central Park.

I have spent more time this summer in the Olmstead-ian masterpiece than I’ve spent there in my ten-year NYC tenure, and the fun is just getting started. On September 29th, I have a ticket to attend a Foo Fighters/Black Keys/Neil Young/Band of Horses show, which a “friend” once described as a dream concert in her OK Cupid profile (not me), but will soon be a reality.

By now, the City Park’s Foundation must be swimming in praise, but I want to add another shout out to the pile. Every event at what might as well be my new pied-a-terre has been well organized, a good experience, relaxing and super fun. The staff and volunteers couldn’t be nicer, and whoever is curating the events has been spot on with their selection of bands, performers, and films. They even have good food! Mile End, Blue Marble Ice Cream, Asia Dog, free caramel corn… be still my heart.

The other upside to all the fun is that you’re in the middle of the park itself. There are few other ways to feel like you’re escaping the city without actually leaving it. You can feel grass on your toes, skip rocks, and sunbathe, right in the middle of Manhattan. Pretty cool, right?

I know I’m a little late in the game here, but there is still some time left to take advantage of the CP fun before we lose the summer sun. And when you go, feel free to say hi… I’ll be camping out to to get a good spot at Foo Fighters.

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