What to do this weekend in NYC

If you’re anything like me, weekend planning starts way before rolling out of bed on Saturday. Here’s some ideas for how to fill those two days you’ve been working for all week. From the most “indoor of indoor kids” to those “like to leave the house” types– there’s something for everyone.

* Read this interview of Jack White by Duff McKagan. Yes THAT Duff McKagan.

* Eat your face off in a sea of hungry hipsters at Smorgasburg.

* Since you can’t do this during your actual lunch hour. Use your free time to check out the Lunch Hour NYC exhibit at the New York Public Library in Bryant Park.

* Then walk north to Lincoln Center to ogle some of the best photographs of some of the best rockers of all time.

* Maybe get your twang on at the Lyle Lovett concert? Why not?

Watch Green Day perform THREE of their new songs at this week’s secret show in Los Angeles.

* Take in brunch at Milk Bar. The too good to be true meal deal includes a Veggie or Pork Bun (with or without a poached egg), Cookie or Kimchi Slaw, and your choice of fancy beverage (including espresso drinks) all for TEN DOLLARS!!!

* To bring it all to a close, check out the Olympic Closing Ceremony. Muse, Paul McCartney, Estelle… Also THE FREAKING SPICE GIRLS. Does it get any better?

Have fun!

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