Indy Instagrams

Here’s my trip to Indiana from my oldest friend Emily’s point of view. She shall now be known as the queen of the Instagrams. You can find more about her on her site, or over on the Twitters at @museumofemily.

“John, can you do me a solid? Can you mix this delicious looking rose with soda water and put it over ice? By the way, I’m 80.”

This is the parking lot of the Panera Bread I worked at for 4 years. There’s a chance I used to bribe my teachers with cinnamon crunch bagels in exchange for extra credit.

Scott let me ride shotgun in his sweet BMW. Emily keeps a beautiful scarf under the seat to protect her hair from the wind. I opted not to use it.

This is the bridge in Broadripple. It’s pretty much the only thing that hasn’t changed since I moved away.





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