Stack the Box

I’m a simple girl. As far as I know, I don’t possess this feminine mystique that you read about in all those books with horse-riding, perfectly-moisturized men on the cover. I like certain things a whole lot, and when I don’t my face gives it all away. This makes it easy for my friends to do nice things for me, however sometimes I don’t know who to give credit to.

Something happened at my birthday party last year that was this year cemented as a tradition. Someone stacked the jukebox making sure the Foo Fighters played all night. It was one of the highlights of my party and after a year of my friend Dan denying that he is the culprit, I still don’t know who it was that filled my night with Foo.

This past weekend at my party, I kept an eye out for Dan. If he planned on being a repeat best birthday gift offender, I was going to catch him in the act. But, I wasn’t able to live out my fantasy of being a rock and roll Sherlock Holmes because the Foo started playing before Dan even got there.

This person got me good. They started with my two all-time favorites, “This is a Call” and “These Days,” back to back. The only person who would know to choose these songs is the person who has to constantly hear me listening to and playing them on my guitar. So when I was spotted  my roommate Staci trying to be sly in the jukebox’s general direction, I wasn’t surprised.

A solid mix of tracks from In Your Honor, There is Nothing Left to Lose, and Echos filled the night and I felt good knowing I had solved the birthday mystery. All clues pointed to Staci. Furthermore, Staci is the one that claimed to have seen Dan hanging by the jukebox last year.  She hasn’t officially admitted to being the box stacker, but Staci threw out the Dan red herring AND was spotted in the act. There is no other possible conclusion.

So maybe I am rock and roll’s Sherlock Holmes after all.

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