My 124th Post

Way back when, I publicized my 98th post with a promise that I’d continue the love fest by complimenting anyone who threw Little Conqueror some props. So, here goes it. Cynical people… beware.

Josh Sazer- You guys, Josh just got engaged! So that’s like really exciting! I’m not sure when I met this dude, but I can’t imagine work without him. He’s my go to guy for a chat break or music talk and always has an extra hoodie or hat to lend when the studio gets cold. Also, FYI, if you need a drummer, Josh is your man. He can count to 4 with the best of them and would be a killer secret weapon to any band. Lastly, Josh gave me GNR’s Appetite for Destruction, making him pretty much the best.

Jodi Skeris- I haven’t seen Jodi in a while cause she did the really brave thing of moving to LA to pursue acting. And guess what… she’s making it happen! Jodi is hardworking, focused, kind, and fun, and was one of the mainstays of my early days at UCB. She was always super friendly and made me feel less scared about hanging out in a place where I didn’t really know anyone. I like this chick, am jealous of her beautiful curly hair, and can’t wait to see what her future holds.

Ilana Glazer- Everyone who knows Ilana loves Ilana. That’s just how it is. She is as real as they come and has this amazing skill at making you feel really super special. She doesn’t put on any airs and always listens closely and shows a genuine interest in everyone around her.  On top of that, Ilana is a vivacious, talented, hilarious, hottie, who through hard work has achieved things that most of us only dream about. She can also rap/sing any Nicki Minaj song start to finish in a way that’s better than the real thing. Keep your eyes on this one. she’s going places.

Laura Radcliffe- Laura has made a pretty darn good life for herself. When I met her, we were both studying writing at Pratt and trying to stay afloat, and now she lives on Martha’s Vineyard with her wifey and is the head lady in charge of a company she started. In addition to her shoe and purse collection, I’ve always admired Laura’s ability to stick to her guns and do things her own way. She’s not one for peer pressure or following the crowd, which usually makes her the first person you want to talk to. Laura can simultaneously be tough while drinking a cosmopolitan and I’m confident she’ll do anything she sets her mind to. Lastly, one of the appetizers at her Vineyard wedding was clam chowder in shot glasses, which is kind of one of the best ideas ever. Loved the soup and love this lady. For reals.

Abbi Jacobson- The first time I met Abbi, I asked her if we were related. Instead of thinking I was a weirdo, she started asking me questions to try and figure it out. After realizing that the last name and similarities in appearance were a coincidence, she joined me in this HILARIOUS bit where we tried to convince everyone we were cousins. After 3+ years of this, our friendship and bit is still going strong. The theme of this post could be changed to “hard working, talented people who get shiz done,” as Abbi is another one who seriously commits to the things she wants to do. Between her artwork, writing, comedy, and performing, it seems that news of Abbi’s accomplishments pops up every day. She’s hard core talented and a lovely person on top of it, making her and her work difficult to resist. Abbi’s “model for Anthropologie” looks and style of dressing is also hard to resist and I always look forward to seeing her sweet clothes.

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