Fam Fat

The first step to getting back on the wagon is admitting when you’ve fallen off. So while I admit to you my recent short comings on the ole diet, I hope you will be gentle. Last week took me on a trip home to my momma in Seatlle, and there’s nothing like family to make you eat a whole lot. It turns out outside of New York City, people have things called pantries and refrigerators that are fully stocked with food at all times. And you can eat things from them whenever you want. It’s crazy.

As a foodie, the week was a rousing success, but as a lady determined to be a size 8 by September, I kind of failed. I had three amazing meals and three million billion snacks and there wasn’t the opportunity to walk it off since my mom and I got around mostly  by car. I definitely gained a couple, and even though the quality mom time and food adventures made it worth it,  I’m currently summoning my inner Raven Simone to try and make up for the damage. Fruits and veggies will once again be my besties and junk will have to step aside. At least until my birthday. A girl’s gotta eat cake.

On that note, here are the three amazing meals. I’m grateful me and these restaurants are 3,000 miles apart.

Seafood Pho at Janbo:

White Chicken Chili from Taco Time (the ONLY fast food I EVER eat):

Dork burger (duck&pork) with sweet chili mayo, havarti cheese, and homemade chips from Lunchbox Labratory (Thanks, Farley for the tip!):

BONUS: Birthday cake chocolate bar

In the end, it’s okay to indulge sometimes. Healthy even. As long as in the end, you keep your eye on the prize.

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