Skinny Girl Problems

Hey buddies. It’s that time again. Here’s the latest helping of ironic complaints about the oh so terrible side effects of my weight loss journey. Skimpin’ aint easy!

-Remember the days when I could randomly get froyo just cause, or when a helping of afternoon soy crisps was not that big of a deal? I don’t, cause now if I so much have a few poorly-timed almonds, I risk spoiling a meal. Snacking has become serious business that requires all sorts of planning. Also, my desk is waaaayyy farther from the cafeteria now, which is good and bad. It takes longer for me to get something to eat, but I’m also usually too lazy to do it.

-I can’t eat as many fries. Bummer. I indulged in some the other night and was full for a solid two days.

-I know in every other edition of Skinny Girl Problems, (like here and here) I talk about my clothes all being too big. For a while it was alright. I could play off the baggy clothes as Olsen twin-idolatry. But now, I’m running out of pants. And shirts. And I still haven’t gotten appropriately-sized funderwear. Can anyone lend me a few dollars? I could repay you by looking mad cute and not being constantly nervous that I’m gonna drop my drawers in public.

-This weekend, I tried to take myself shopping and boy are my arms tired. I’m having a fun in between sizes moment and now have to try on two of everything. Sure it saves the trouble of running back and forth between racks and room, however my biceps are still burning from lugging around two sets of duplicate duds.

-I never thought I’d say this, but everything on the shelves is so big. I think Murphy wrote his law about stores never having the size he wanted. When I was an Extra Large, they only had smalls. Now that I’m a Medium, they only have Extra Large. Booooooo.

Okay, so I know if you made it this far, you must think I’m a total biotch. I swear on my Dave Grohl guitar pick that I’m not. I’m just using the sense of humor I developed as a fat chick as a coping mechanism for all these new changes. It’s pretty heady to finally be confident in my body, and that is proving to be the biggest skinny girl problem of them all.

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