Fellow Conqerors- Dee Brown

Dee Brown- Morning Cup of Style

About five year’s ago in an all-staff meeting, my boss asked if any of us would like to do a shout out. I took this a cue to do a shout out to Dee’s awesome hair and we have been friends ever since. Dee has moved on from New York to a life with her AMAZING husband in Houston and is the Head Lady in Charge of Morning Cup of Style, a fashion blog for women who want to be the most stylish they can be, while not spending a million dollars in the process. Below is a convo I had with Dee and some awesome pics to prove she is at the top of the fashion game.

You’re in an elevator with Anna Wintour and you have ten floors to tell her about Morning Cup of Style… What do you tell her?

In the words of Sophia Petrillo, “Picture it…” I’m in a hurry to catch the elevator for a very important meeting. As I step inside of the elevator, I notice that Vogue by Madonna is playing on the speaker (it’s a little cliché but this is my fantasy, so roll with it). To my surprise, Anna Wintour is standing in the middle of the elevator wearing an Oscar de la Renta chartreuse sorolla print silk twill dress from spring 2012. It hits me…I’m now standing next to the most relevant and powerful woman in fashion. To add, I only have about a minute to tell her about Morning Cup of Style. I’ve got to think fast. Instantly, I feel a dry gulp in my throat and a slight flutter in my tummy. What do I say? I’ve got it!

Anna Wintour…pleased to meet you. You once said, “Style is an expression of individualism, mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.” I follow a similar method for my blog site, Morning Cup of Style. My mother played a huge roll in pointing me in the direction of fashion, as your father did with you. I love what I do. I love what you do. I hope that someday, I can garner a fourth of the information you know about the industry and pour it out to others. Here’s my card. I’d love for you to review my site and maybe we can sit for tea and chat some time.

What would you want to be wearing?

I’d wear a fitted ruffle dress, with a pair of Prada ankle strap platforms, MAC Ruby Woo lipstick, and a red vintage Chanel lambskin purse. Bold lips are everything! I swear my alter ego is in full swing when I wear my red lipstick. You only get a single chance to make a first impression. This will definitely do the trick.

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve achieved so far through your website?

The most exciting thing that I’ve achieved is successfully nailing interviews with some pretty awesome people in the fashion and beauty industry. I’ve interviewed David Meister, Kate Walsh, Cate Adair, Napoleon Perdis, Jenny Feldman, Morgan Willhite, and others. It’s amazing. I love people, and I love learning about people. It’s good stuff.

What do you dream of achieving?

My dream is to become an on-air style and beauty expert. I’m working very hard to build a platform that will get me there. My mother taught me two very valuable lessons about style and beauty; how to purchase quality clothing and how to put the pieces together to create an ensemble that totally represents style. To simply put it, style is my passion. It’s not about what you wear but how you wear it. If I chose to wear a retail Christian Dior dress, not likely, but that’s fine. If I choose to wear a thrifted Ann Taylor dress instead, that works too. I definitely want to be that figure that can teach, show, and tastefully demonstrate how women can look and feel their best. Truthfully, every woman can’t afford fashion, but anyone can afford style. The way I see it, if it works out, there will never be a dull moment that I’m not working, advising, writing, or picture snapping.

What is your favorite post so far?

I recently interviewed celebrity fashion designer, David Meister. His designs have been famously worn on the red carpet by socialites and major celebrities. David has also been featured on tons of entertainment programs. As a matter of fact, two days after I interviewed David at Saks, I was watching the Fashion Police on E! Entertainment and he was featured on a segment with Joan Rivers. I was totally blown away. I think it allowed me to have a greater appreciation for the interview that I conducted with him.

If you could go on a Supermarket Sweep style rampage in Bloomingdales, what would be your first stop?

I’m a bargain shopper by nature, so I’d definitely head to the sales section for shoes! Shoes are my EVERYTHING. I could totally wear a brown paper bag and set off the entire outfit with rocking shoes. I think a woman’s shoe speaks volumes about her character. I’m a people watcher, but I watch their shoes even more. Sound silly? Probably so. It’s my thing though…

Check out more from Dee at MorningCupofStyle.com.

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