Pick Me (and hopefully you) Up

It’s been gray one too many days outside and I’ve heard more than a couple people talk about being more tired than they should be. I hate to admit it, but I’ve got a case of the grays myself and when this happens, I know I can count on my good friend Sarah to snap me out of it.

This picture was a nice surprise yesterday:

And if anyone knows Sarah, the convo below regarding it shouldn’t surprise you:

Something you should probably do is check out her website Well That’s Adorable. On more than one occasion it has brought me laughter to the point of tears. Sarah is a curator of adorable animal photos and then takes it one step further with her hilarious offbeat commentary on them. Her most recent post might be a dog version of The Avengers… Just Saying…

Throughout the day today, I’m going to post more things to try and kick this gray day to the curb. Stay tuned!

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