iPhone Overload

There are 24 ways to reach me on my iPhone at any given time. Scary.

-Call me

-Text me

-Include me in a group text

– Leave me a voicemail

-Facetime me

-Email me at my gmail account

-Email me at my work account

-Gchat me

-Send me a Facebook message

-Write on my wall

-Comment on a photo

-Comment on a post

-Tag me in a post

-Facebook chat me… (Is that a thing?)

-Tweet at me

-Reply to one of my tweets

-Mention me is a tweet

-Retweet me

-Send me a direct message on Twitter

-Comment on my Instagram photos

-Leave a comment on this amazing blog

-Like one of my posts on this amazing blog

-Include me in a post on Tumblr

Orrrrrrr you could just chat me on Words with Friends. This is the preferred method.

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