New York Then

I moved to New York in 2003 and things were a lot different. Living here took a lot more work, but it wasn’t all bad. These are some of my memories… Feel free to comment with yours. 

-Remember when cab drivers only took cash?

-Remember when there was only ONE Shake Shack and eating there was an accomplishment?

-Remember when it was hard to listen to music on the subway?

-Remember when white headphones became a status symbol?

-Remember when those signs didn’t exist and you never knew when a train was going to come?

-Remember when you had to write down the address of the place you were going on a piece of paper?

-Remember when there were stores that only sold music?

-Remember Virgin Megastore?

-Remember when the Time Warner Center didn’t exist?

-Remember when it cost $1.50 to get on the subway?

-Remember when apartments in Brooklyn were affordable?

-Remember when you could rent a movie?

-Remember life before Target?

-Remember when you had to carry actual books around?

-Remember when you also had to carry a phone, an mp3 player, and a camera? (If you were lucky enough to have all these things)

-Remember when there were TWO rock radio stations. (I’ll never get over that now there are none.)


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