I’m really disappointed in Justin Bieber. Or whoever it is responsible for his new song.

You guys know I had his back (for the most part), but after seeing the teaser for “Boyfriend,” it might be time for me to turn in my purple hoodie and call it a day. You see, back in my way more awesome years, I was a pretty serious *N SYNC fan and they did this song better in 2002. Their single “Girlfriend” was a big deal for them. It was one of the songs that helped the group cross over into the hip hop/rap territory, which was really rare at the time for a boy band.

I’m all about music that is a reflection of what came before it. I love that moment at the end of Foo Fighters “Resolve” where it’s straight Led Zeppelin envy. But in this case, it goes beyond simple homage and into straight up copying. The only thing that sets Bieber apart from *N SYNC here is the fact that it’s one person singing and the more sophisticated use of pro tools.  We’re coming out of a really good moment for pop music. Lady Gaga and Beyonce paved the way for Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and even LMFAO (I’m sorry, but that song is good). Bieber definitely holds a place in that world and I hope his other singles provide more reason that he deserves to keep it.

See for yourself, or just use this as an excuse to watch an *N SYNC video:

One thought on “Un-belieb-able.

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