Where Jokes go to Die

If jokes could compete on Top Chef, this would be last chance kitchen. Bon apetit!

Shortly after Newt Gingrich on Tuesday issued a statement urging Santorum’s supporters to visit his website, Gingrich’s site crashed. “Now you know how we feel,” said all of Gingrich’s chairs.

The Miss Universe organization this week agreed to allow a transgendered woman to compete in the pageant. Her talent will be getting people to look at the top half of her swimsuit.

A teacher in Texas has filed a lawsuit against a Christian middle school after she was fired for being pregnant and unmarried. Wait, I thought Christians were cool with women who had babies out of wedlock… (Show pic of Virgin Mary)

A man in Indiana was found passed out on the street with a blood alcohol level of .29, just a month after he was found passed out with a blood alcohol level of .55. So at least he’s trying…


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