My Dream Concert

I want to throw this idea for a concert out into the universe so that it is more likely to happen. This epic show would include a new artist, a band that is getting bigger and bigger every day, and a veteran rock star. I dare you to disagree with me here…

Gary Clark Jr. “Bright Lights” – One of the baddest, most brilliant mother-effing guitar players out there right now. I shall coin his sound “Rock and Soul,” as it perfectly blends so many different elements.

The Black Keys “Gold on the Ceiling” – This is another proclamation of love for The Black Keys. (See what I did there?)

Jack White “Sixteen Salteens” – Jack White is just so weird in the greatest way. I eagerly await the April 24th release of Blunderbuss. This single captures the gritty, aggressive vibe that was so great on early White Stripes albums, but reflects his growth as an artist and time spent with other bands.

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