Skinny Girl Problems

So I lost some weight recently. 25 pounds. I know. Crazy.

It’s still a work in progress, and I’ve noticed some changes that were to be expected, like being smaller, but there are some that have come as a surprise. I always thought skinny chicks had it easy. They can buy things off the rack and look adorable fist deep in a plate of cake. Those two things might be true, however they also deal with things you would have never thought of. I present to you:

Skinny Girl Problems

– It hurts to lean on things. there’s less padding between your delicate bones and the object they’re resting on and after a little bit it can get really uncomfortable. I leaned on a bar talking to a boy recently and my ribs were sore for FOUR days.  In what terrible universe is it uncomfortable to sit too long? The one where you’re a stupid skinny girl.

– You get full. I still have the appetite of an enlarged gorilla in heat, but can only eat as much as its soon to be born cub.

-You’re cold. Like all the time. It’s really dumb.

-My tolerance has gone WAY down. I’ve gone from cheap date to Bachelorette contestant. The term “one drink wonder” comes to mind, which is something I think I made up to describe a person who gets the spins after the first round.

-My old clothes are all too big. While I’m always looking for an excuse to shop, my bank account isn’t quite as agreeable. I’ve tried to play off the bagginess of my clothes as a tribute to the Olsen twins, but it’s hard to look cool when you’re pants have fallen and they can’t get back up. Unless you’re Paula Deen.

Did you notice my subtle tribute to TGIF in that last one? Anyway, that’s not what this is about. I’ll keep you posted on these serious life or death problems as I lose more weight. And let me just note that there is a crazy ass level of sarcasm involved in this post. I’m so not actually complaining about any of these things or saying that skinny people have it hard. Though I am complaining about not being able to be fist deep in a plate of cake. I miss it desperately.

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